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Gr. 5 Student Senate Welcomes New Students
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Gr. 5 Student Senate 

Welcomes New Students


Written by Erica Li

Grade 5 Student Senate Member


As Grade 5 Student Senate members, Viktor, Jonathan, Sunnie, Shenny and I planned lunch time activities for the students who joined us this semester. We thought it was important for our new schoolmates to become familiar with our Student Senate and know who to approach when they encounter a problem at school.

We made invitations for these students and we discussed activities we thought First and Second graders would enjoy.

We were happy to see them all cracking up when some of us performed a little dance we planned for them. We played games such as Twister and Ball Game to introduce yourself.

 The Ball Game made new students say their name and favorite animal while they also imitated the sound of their favorite animal.


We also toured the school and introduced other students to them.

We were delighted when a student said, “That was so fun. I wish I could come again.”

It was a great experience for the Student Senates. We got to know the students a little more, it also made us aware that each of the students are so different from each other. I hope they enjoy their school life as much as we do.。


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