FDIS host first ever UCL facilitation training in China
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FDIS is truly international welcoming visitors from Manilla, Beijing, Dubai and the UK!

-- The Institute of Education, University College London, deliver outstanding international leadership training for the first time in China at FDIS.


Fudan International School were delighted to welcome University College London, Institute of Education and teachers from all over the Asia pacific region to take part in a facilitators workshop. This training has been running in the UK and in Dubai for several years, but we were excited to be the first school to host it in the China Pacific region.  The Institute of Education is the top ranking university in the world for education so we were honoured to host this event and welcome people with such a high level of knowledge and experience.



The workshop was run by Annette Beard a tutor from the Institute of Education in London, and Rebecca Annand from Infinite Learning in Dubai. The aim of the event is to train leadership staff how to facilitate adult learning- to teach teachers how to help teachers learn and develop.


During the day participants had to take part in several activities and consider lots of theories about how people learn. Teachers also had to create sessions in groups to teach people about theories of learning which teachers had only an hour to prepare for! This helped teachers to work in groups and work under pressure to design activities to engage learners.


The first half of the workshop allowed teachers to explore different theories about adult learning before planning activities that put these theories into practice. Teachers had to think about how to ensure that all learners were engaged. As well as supporting the development of staff, all the techniques that we learnt about can also be used to develop our classroom teaching. Building a partnership with UCL is helping our teacher to stay up to date with the most current and effective in international teaching theories and practice.


Above are some images of the notes teachers wrote together where they had to consider what engaged learners, and the key points of some current learning theories. (Click on the picture can see the full size)



The second part of the workshop was when the participants took over and did some practice facilitation sessions then gave each other feedback. Everyone that took part agreed that this was really useful and they also felt that working in a group allowed them to get lots of interesting ideas that they may not have thought about alone. Ms Kay Yang  (Fudan International Director) worked on a visual representation about an organisation theory, using an egg as a Metaphor! This highlighted the importance of using modelling and humour on teaching and learning.



To illustrate the importance of allowing learners to make mistakes, and take ownership through experiential learning – which are part of the theory of Heutagogy. This is the idea that we learn best when we are responsible for our own progress and engaged in the process – that we learn through doing. Ms Laura Madsen (Fudan International Assistant Director) and Mr Simon Mann (the Head of school at the British school of Manilla) and Jianjun Shen (Head teacher at Phoenix City International school) asked people to make a flying object, and the group created paper aeroplanes.




Participants learnt and practiced how to coach adults . This technique helps people to come up with solutions for challenges by drawing on their own knowledge and experience. All the participants worked hard throughout the course and agreed that one of the most positive things was the chance to learn from each other.


The Institute of Education and UCL have a huge amount of knowledge and we are delighted to build a partnership that will help us to continue to develop our school and build the highest standards for education.



Written by 

Laura Madsen and Rebecca Annand    

Photos by Laura Madsen


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