Grades 1-5 Open House
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Open House



Elementary School

Grades 1 - 5

Saturday, 25th November 2017

10:00 am  - 12:00 pm


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Free event

Light snacks provided


In the lead up to the FDIS Open Day, we asked some of our past and present students and parents to reflect about their first year experiences at FDIS.


Grade 1


Grade 1 is fun because it has library, drama, music, art, fun games and Chinese. I learn to read and play with my friends.

I like my teachers.



Grade 1


My school name is FDIS. I am in Grade 1. My name is Linda. I studied for about 3 weeks in school. My homeroom teacher teaches me math, writing and story time. She is our favorite teacher. My Chinese teacher teaches me Chinese, she often helps me when I am in trouble. We have art, thematic studies, phonics, reading, writing, math, Chinese and music class. I am happy on Monday because of my favorite class art. I learned school rules on my first day at school.


 No running away

 Always say thank you

 Always listen to the teacher


I made some new friends in my class. We play badminton on the playground. I am happy in my school.


Grade 1


I love my school because I learn many things, met new teachers and new friends. I have learnt drama, PE, art, ICT, music and library. My most favorite class is music class because I learn new songs, like Do Re Me and Over the Rainbow. Mr Jose is my music teacher, he teaches 19 students in my class.



Grade 1 and Grade 4 Parent

I am the mother of Lucas (Grade 1) and Carlos (Grade 4). Because of FDIS, my sons thoroughly enjoy school and joyfully attend classes each school day. Thanks to the encouragement of teachers, the boys have developed into curious and confident children. They especially love reading and exploring. We are very happy to be part of the FDIS family.



Grade 2

I was happy when I was in Grade 1. I liked to play soccer with the other kids. Thank you to my teacher.  I am very happy now to be in Grade 2.


Grade 2


I loved Grade One because when I was in Grade One we had a nice, good, great, wonderful, amazing and best teacher in the world. When I am in Grade one our teacher taught us math, English, and a bit of science. We played some toys and learned. I am in Grade Two but I will always be a panda.



Grade 2 and Grade 5 Parent


I have two daughters in FDIS. I remembered when Priscilla entered Grade one in 2013; she was barely 6 years old. She spoke little English and couldn't read or write at all. But she was happy to go to FDIS since the very first day. Her G1 homeroom teacher was funny and energetic, and taught very well. All the boys and girls liked him very much. When Priscilla finished G1, she went to the US for the summer camp. I was surprised that she communicated in English so well that people could hardly tell that she hadn't grown up there!  Celine was in Grade 1 Panda class last year.  Like her sister, she enjoyed school starting day one. She liked her teachers very much. She enjoyed different classes and activities and made many friends. She learned how to read and write, enjoyed making presentations and projects. Her teachers always sent us pictures and works she did at school. To me as a parent, it was very satisfying and rewarding seeing her growth every day in a loving and caring environment like the FDIS. 


Grade 3


In Grade one, I remember a lot of happy and sad things. One day our teacher was hit by a van, this was very sad. We got a new teacher and he taught us, he was funny but very strict. Our old teacher rested and then came back, but her foot was still bad. When she came back she taught us to make a lemon volcano, we made it but our clothes got very messy. Another day we went on a field trip and we went to Legoland, we built cars, houses and many other things. We even got to watch a movie on the field trip.


Grade 3


The first day in Grade one I felt I’m in a new and strange place. I didn’t have any friends in the first week but I made many friends the second week. I liked my homeroom teacher. She is very patient and kind to me. At the beginning I used very limited English to discuss in my group. I worked very hard and I gradually became better and better. After half a year I could express myself better and discuss with my classmates in English. I learned that practice makes perfect.


Grade 3 Parent


The first year at FDIS was great for Chloe. She became a better English speaker and met many new friends in grade one. Moreover, and most importantly, she became an independent person and became able to take care of herself at school. Grade One was a fantastic experience for Chloe as well as for myself.


Grade 1


I like my new school; I like my new teacher and my new friends. I like our school’s homework. I like this new school better than kindergarten.


Grade 2 Parent

Dharma came home one day super exited as they had been to the aquarium, she got the opportunity to see ray fish and other sea creatures, she was very happy that she was able to enjoy the trip with the class. Dharma has grown so much together with her school mates and enjoy the whole time with her teachers, I  appreciate all the help from her teachers who has supported and helped Dharma to develop during her first year at FDIS.



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