Many Hands Make Light Work --The 5th FDIS Ocean Clean!
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Ocean cleaning on Sunday morning, November 19th was a very exciting yet tiring day( also a pretty chilly day) for all of us who went to Nan Hui.  

After taking part in the ocean cleaning activity, almost everyone felt proud and happy because they were doing their part in helping nature. As soon as we arrived, we started to form groups ( six groups in total). Picking up trash was an activity that required everybody to work together. 

For example: Some people held the trash bag, some people recorded the different  types of rubbish and how much it weighed, while some people were picking up the trash. The most common things that were thrown into the ocean were plastic bottles, foam, and shoes. Everyone picked up a lot of trash, however, William in grade seven( the team leader) of his team picked up 55.8kg of trash and was declared the winner!

The ICC card that was used to collect the data...


What has been found on the beach?

Ocean cleaning can help the environment. It can affect animals. Imagine the little animals eating up plastic and foam! Although we are doing very little work, it has a big impact on the environment .The same thing goes for pollution. Cleaning up the ocean is a very positive thing! One student, Alex in grade 8 had gone ocean cleaning before. He said that when he went to clean up the ocean in New Jersey, they rarely raked up more than 20 kg! What a big difference!


Everybody loved ocean cleaning even though it took time, cooperation, and we got very dirty, we know that it all pays off at the end! What a great opportunity, to help our dear old planet earth! Thanks to everyone that joined this activity!


Mr. Scott (one of the two teachers) with the other 28 environmental guardians

It is the 5th time for FDIS to go Ocean Cleaning since December 2014. And let us see what the students have learnt from this activity:

“I learned the importance of collaboration.If there was no cooperation,we wouldn't do well in this activity.” 

 --Haruka Nakamura (Grade 7B)


“I think the purpose of this event is to spread awarness about how polluted our coasts and land are, and how as global citezens we must strive towards cleaning up that mess. As students from an international school, we must uphold and practice global values and ideals, such as, in this case, lessening pollution and spreading awarness. This activity help me be more concious about preventing littering and learn the value of protcting our enviornment.” (Global Engagement)

 --Alex He (Grade 8) 

“I think we did really well at working as a team because we helped each other. We also changed our work from time to time so everyone could try out different tasks. I think it was a really good experience for us. What we did is really small but we already try our best to help the environment. I hope everyone can join this kind of activity.” (Collaboration)

 -- Sophia Pannadi (Grade 6A)

“I was the group leader and I had to take 4 other people with me. I assigned the tasks. I made Adrian do the recording, Nick and Leo to hold the garbage bags, Ethan and I picked the garbage. Together, we picked up a total of 55.8Kg of trash. I felt proud and honored to be leader and all my teammates did very well. ” (Leadership)

 -- William Huang (Grade 7A)


Written by Sunny Xu (Grade 6B)

Photos by Sally Wu (Grade 11A) in cooperation with FDIS Studio Mustangs




What are they doing below? 

Please stay tuned for the next activity in Middle December!



Ms. KK with 7 pioneers in Maritime Museum



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