Dare to Dream: Thank You to Singapore Airlines
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Dare to Dream

Thank you to Singapore Airlines

Have you ever been inspired by a child? We are inspired by our students every day. Their positive attitude, love for learning and their love for the world is a true inspiration. They are our future. In our class we have students who want to be artists, ballerinas, scientists, artists and engineers. Each child is working towards their own dream. 

We have one student in our class named  Kaiyi, he has a very interesting fascination with Singapore Airlines and his dream is to become a pilot for the airlines. His love and interest for Singapore Airlines has been a great inspiration to all the students in my class and his teachers.


It is important to us that we can keep his passion alive and he can continue to work towards his goal to become a pilot for Singapore Airlines. We contacted Singapore Airlines and asked that they could do something special for him, to encourage him to achieve his goal. And of course they said yes!


Here is what they said…


Dear Kaiyi,


We were very touched when your teacher Ms. Wagner, first told us about your love for Singapore Airlines and your ambition to be a SIA pilot when you are older.


Our colleagues in the SIA pilot community (who head various aircraft fleets operated by SIA) were equally as thrilled to hear that you share their passion for flying.

These wise captains send their very best wishes.


Study hard in the meantime and may we be colleagues in Singapore Airlines in the future.

We hope to see you and your family aboard our flights soon.


Warmest wishes,

SQ Social

Here were their wishes to Kaiyi:


Wishing you the very best and keep your dreams alive.


May your dreams come true.


Continue to pursue your dream and it will come true one day.


Wishing you the very best in the pursuit of your aspiration to be a pilot.


All of us started with the same dream – that to be a pilot. Wishing you the very best!

Kaiyi would like to say thank you to Singapore Airlines.


When I saw my dad and mom, I was surprised. I didn’t know why they were here. When I received my gift from dad it was really special for me. It was from Singapore Airlines! It was a BIG, BIG surprise.  I was so happy to see it. There were two letters, one teddy bear and two stickers. Big thanks to Ms. Alexis and the Singapore Airlines stewards and pilots. I will work hard and be a pilot with Singapore Airlines.

Kaiyi's Mom and Dad would also like to say thank you...


A big thank you to Ms. Alexis and FDIS, she thought of my boy’s love and passion and really put effort to make it happen. I am so impressed by the happiness in my boy’s eyes. I truly love and appreciate this and it will be a memory we will have for life. It will enable him to dare to dream and dare to dream big. These are true values that kids and I will benefit from it. Thank you to Singapore Airlines; you really encouraged him to pursue his love and dream.


As a school community, we would really like to thank Singapore Airlines and the great effort they went to encourage Kaiyi to pursue his dreams. We hope that everyone can feel inspired to work towards achieving their dreams in the future. Dare to dream!

Ms. Tina our Art Teacher writing notes to all the students that want to be artists. 


Written by Alexis Wagner

Grade 1 Panda Homeroom Teacher




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